Get closer to your customers

Online banking & core-system platforms for financial institutions

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Banking products
at customer's fingertipss

Advanced targeting

Keep your customers closer with personalized Notifications, Promotions, Banners

Customer satisfaction monitoring

Configure surveys to get feedback from customers about bank's products, features and support level

Banking everywhere

Always keep track of your spendings

Smart statistics shows you how you spend money and help you to plan better

Smart spendings

Categorize spendings automatically

Budgets setup

Setting limits on spendings by category so you can act on insights, immediately.

Life goals

Set and achieve goals, track performance

Simple & intuitive

A user-friendly interface based on classic principles of good design from Google.

Touch your money

Tools that will make money manaegment simple as 1, 2, 3


Check your account balance, and set behavior rules


Make transfers and pay bills with a couple of taps


Set up rules, open or close deposits


Apply online, or pay credits

Extend online experience with special features

Deeper digitalization of interaction with your customers

Online registration for potential customers

Expand your online presence on new business areas

Dedicated applications for individual and corporate customers

Tailored UX based on customer's profile

Live chat

Effective communication with your customers via in-app screen sharing

Customized features for important corporate customers

Direct Debit for company's services, Dividend payments to shareholders


Applications are built on latest technologies based on team's vast experience


Designed at the level of used technologies and internal mechanisms


Due to an advanced level of kernel abstraction the application grows with new modules and features easily

Multi-level authorization

Set permissions and authorization schemes according to every company's rules

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